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Specialty Insurance

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What is Specialty Insurance?

Life is full of all sort of surprises, turns and storms. It become important to make sure that you and your family are protected, no matter what the situation might be. It’s always impossible to see what’s coming in your way and one of the biggest mistakes is thinking that it can’t happen to me,
Things simply just happen, a storm knocks a tree onto a car, a basement is flooded or a sudden illness occur es. At ZIS, you won’t be knee deep in water, we take protection seriously, we want you and your valuable assets to be protected from the common and not so common risks that might happen in everyday life.

Zein Insurance Services, Inc agents are specialist in:

Personal Auto Insurance
• Collector Cars Policy
• Personal Boat & Marine
Homeowner’s 3, 4, 6 & 8
• Dwelling Fire 1 & 3, Vacant Dwelling
• Mobile Home
• Motor homes
• Motorcycles
Travel Insurance
• Investment & Rental property
• Umbrella

Compare Travel Insurance Rates!

Learn how we can insure your protection while traveling with Zein Insurance Services, Inc.

Travel with ease knowing your insured.

When you travel abroad, one of the most important financial considerations is how to protect you and your family’s health. Without proper travel insurance coverage, an illness or injury abroad can turn into a financial disaster.

Whether you are a corporate traveler, an individual traveling abroad for work, a student studying abroad, family on vacation or reunion, don’t let your trip be ruined by an accident or unexpected medical emergency. Traditional sources of U.S. private health insurance will not meet your needs.

Geographical exclusions and provider limitations common to these policies will restrict or even eliminate the coverage available to you while you are outside the U.S. At the same time, you may not be eligible for participation in the government-sponsored plans in the country where you reside. Specialty Insurance Specialty Insurance Specialty Insurance Specialty Insurance Specialty Insurance

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Get Extra Coverage

Why should you get extra coverage? At ZIS we have the over 100 years of combined insurance experience. Find out why today!

Some times a little extra coverage is needed.

No one plans on becoming injured or disabled. Accident coverage and disability coverage can help you in the event that you experience one of life’s mishaps. We will tailor your new supplemental coverage with your preexisting health care plan and take care of expenses that may not be in your health care coverage.

Accident Insurance offers added protection for out of pocket expenses such as ambulance bills, dislocations, fractures, and hospital stays.

What can Disability Insurance do for me?

Disability Insurance could help protect your income if you’re unable to work. Most plans cover more than 50 percent of your income. Disability Insurance can help your mortgage payments, personal assistance, groceries, and car payments

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Protect Yourself From Major Claims

You never know when you will need extra liability insurance, let Zein Insurance Services, Inc. assist

Stay well covered with Umbrella and Excess Insurance.

What would you do if?

Your dog accidentally injured your neighbor’s child?
• Your mail carrier tripped over a crack in your driveway, resulting in injury and disability?
• An overgrown tree in your yard crashed through your neighbor’s roof?
• The unthinkable happens and you severely injured someone in a car crash?

What’s in your current policy?

Your current auto or homeowners policy may not adequately cover these and other unforeseeable events, which is why you need Mercury’s Personal Umbrella Insurance. Umbrella coverage provides extra protection that goes beyond your auto and homeowners limits; just in case something pops up that you didn’t expect.

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