ZIS offers access to top physicians through Telemedicine for second opinions, improving healthcare quality for employees and cutting costs for businesses by avoiding unnecessary treatments and misdiagnoses.

Enhance Employee Healthcare and Cut Costs with Telemedicine

Offer your employees the choice of employer-provided supplemental benefits or employee-paid voluntary benefits. This not only elevates the quality of healthcare for your employees but also curtails healthcare expenses for your business by minimizing unnecessary overtreatment and reducing waste due to the treatment of misdiagnosed conditions.

Embrace the Telemedicine Trend! Since the introduction of telemedicine, it has rapidly gained popularity in the healthcare industry. According to a survey by the National Business Group on Health, 97 percent of large U.S. employers were projected to offer telemedicine services to their employees by 2019. Improve your business’s healthcare options with telemedicine.

Telemedicine Overview and Preparation

Learn about telemedicine, a technology-driven healthcare approach, and get ready for your appointment with a doctor using a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

Telemedicine Basics

As technology evolves, doctors are finding more ways to efficiently and conveniently care for their patients. One such method is through the use of telemedicine—a form of technology-based communication.

How Telemedicine Works

Through the use of technology, communication is facilitated either in a real-time or delayed setting. Usually a patient is able to communicate from his or her home with a doctor through a live video, audio or patient data transfer system.

Preparing for a Telemedicine Appointment

As you prepare for a telemedicine appointment, you should consider several things. You will probably need access to a laptop, phone or tablet, as well as an internet connection.

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