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Zein Insurance Services Inc.

Welcome to ZIS – Zein Insurance Services Inc., an award winning and leading California insurance agency.  We are the go-to experts that easily navigate the industry for you to attain the best benefit, coverage and premium.  Zein Insurance Services is a certified agency for Obamacare/Covered CA. ZIS is a full line insurance agency offering auto, home, commercial, ACA, group health insurance benefits, individual and family health insurance as well as business and commercial insurance.

Zein Insurance has an exclusive, top-rated national PPO network. Under ACA rules, companies under 101 employees lost their composite rating. With Zein Insurance, 50+ employee participation can receive a composite rate through a partially self-funded insurance plan backed by an A rated or more insurance company.   National PPO Netowrk, from the national  CIGNA network to utilizing multiplan.com network, which has over 900,000 physicians nationwide. On average, an employer will save 25 to 33 percent with composite rates and can achieve better coverage.  If you’re a business owner and would like to learn more about partial self insurance plans, the advantages, the risk, contact us to get a quote today!

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Composite rates are available to your business through Zein Insurance Services

We Insure You One Step Better

We help insure both individuals and businesses, offering streamlined online platforms that help businesses with compliance, HR, OSHA. Compliance is a thing of the past with our easy to use latest technology platform. We help your business to avoid violations with our top rated HR affiliates.

Does Your Business Need Health Insurance?

Every employee is valuable to their employer. This is true, especially for those firms with less than 100 employees. At ZIS, we have a great understanding for this truth and provide our group health clients with a high level of service that has become our trademark.

As independent agents, we will demand from the insurance companies only the health insurance option which will insure that all your employees, and their families, receive the healthcare that they need, while meeting your cost specifications. We ensure the health and well-being of not only your firm and employees, but also our client/agent relationship.

ZIS offers a wide array of services for your companies’ needs. ZIS provides an HR platform, that certifies your firm in complete compliance with the ever-changing rules and regulations in regards to your business legal obligation to offer group health insurance. In addition, we provide customized online portals, for you and your employees, to review current policies, benefits, print policy ID cards, plan for healthcare visits, etc.

$100,000 Worth of HRM Software

At Zein Insurance we offer our clients HRM software valued over 100-thousand-dollars for their first enrollment year.

Access and Retrieve Certificates 24/7

With Zein Insurance Services, you can access/retrieve certificates, commissions, task, carrier download, reports, invoices, and more.

Easy Human Resource Management

We offer an intuitive on-boarding and off-boarding, HRIS database, time-off tracking, employee self-services, benefits administration and more.

Bundle your Home and Auto Insurance and Save!

You may be wondering how much car insurance coverage you are going to need. This can vary depending on your specific situation, but it is generally recommended that you purchase a policy with as much coverage as you can comfortably afford Simply request a Quote or contact one of our specialized agents to know all about being covered.

So whether you are looking for a full coverage policy with comprehensive and collision insurance or are simply looking to meet the minimum, state requirements, you can rest assured that you will get the best deal with a reputable insurance company.

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Why Choose Us?

We are passionate about helping our clients prepare for life’s surprises. We also offer help to those with pre-existing conditions and are more than happy to find a plan, depending on eligibility. It’s easy to get a free quote.

Contact us today at Toll Free : 877-990-3808 and get high quality insurance for the lowest price, with the help of our experienced and knowledgeable agents. We listen! We understand! We offer customized solutions!

What They Are Saying

Zein Insurance (ZIS) NOT ONLY assists you in choosing the right health coverage but also assists you with claims and high costs medications. It’s been almost a year that I have been working with Corbin and I am very pleased. Corbin is very informative and knowledgeable for what he is doing. I call/email him a few times a week with tons of questions and problems; and he is always available to answer to my questions and help me out to go through a process.
Dealing with insurance companies can be very frustrating and difficult, but dealing with professional insurance brokers makes life easy and simple because they take care of your insurance needs very quick.
I am so thankful for all the assistance that Corbin and Zein Insurance provided me.
I highly recommend their service, reliability, and honesty.

Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA

I have been with Zein Insurance Services for 16 yrs with my company and he was the agent for another 10 yrs with my other company that I worked for. The reason why I continued with him after I left the other company was because he was honest and worked hard. I always felt that he had my best interest and wanted to make sure that I had the best coverage for the best price. I also work with Rea for my Health Insurance and she is always on top of everything. Every time I need her to do something she always gets back to me right away.
I highly recommend Zein Insurance Services for all your insurance needs.

Allise T.
Granada Hills, CA

I was referred to Zein Ins. to get a supplemental plan for my daughter. Corbin who
assisted me was very informative and helpful. When I needed assistance and had questions
he always returned my calls and explained everything to me I need to know. The company is very helpful and professional and attends to all your needs.

Denis K.
Encino, CA

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