Cyber Security Liability

Cyber liability insurance shields your business from financial risks stemming from technology-based security breaches. If your business handles customer data (credit card info, SSNs, financial data, etc.), consider cyber liability coverage.

What does Cyber Liability Insurance Cover?

Cyber liability insurance covers you in the event of many of the most common forms of data breach/leaks both online and offline. For those who do not operate a business website, or who have chosen to not to store sensitive data on their website, your liability in regard to the stewardship of your clients information does not simply disappear because your operations are not exposed to the internet. Email, point of sale credit card transactions, computers storing sensitive information being physically stolen; if your business was in any way either directly or indirectly involved in its leak, your business could be liable for all financial damages.

Zein Insurance Services Inc. offers Cyber Security Training and Information on Cyber Liability Insurance for your business

There are many questions swimming around past couple years, on the severity of cyber breaches and how companies should protect themselves. ZIS offers value added information and services for your companies continued success. Training doesn’t always help, Cyber-security Liability Insurance is important and can benefit all sizes and types of businesses.
Computer System Damage: Email Attack
Computer System Damage: Web Browsing
Computer System Damage: Phishing
Computer System Damage: Malicious Software

Does my association need Cyber Liability?

Imagination would tell us that this is to shield from the liability incurred by hackers stealing personal information via the internet. While cyber liability does encompass such an event, and we strongly urge any business that operates a digital storefront/client portal to consider cyber policy, this is not the limit of what it shields against. More than half of data breaches are caused by system glitches and human error (Ponemon 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study)

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