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Zein Insurance Services Inc, is dedicated to helping your business save and continue productivity. Our personalized solutions for large group insurance is designed to manage health care costs  that benefit your interest and improve employee health and wellness through our exclusive PPO network.

While we regard our small business clients as family, we provide only the highest levels of professionalism for our corporate clients. At Zein Insurance Services Inc, we understand this is not only the standard, but a necessary aspect to insuring your firm holds a fair, bidding process.

Guidance That Won’t Leave You Lost

With Zein Insurance Services you can now efficiently improve your business healthcare options. We offer tools your business needs to improve compliance, benefits that cut cost with our exclusive national insurance network.

Do not waste your valuable time trying to compare rates on your own. Our insurance agents are dedicated to finding the perfect plan for you. We access all major providers, as well as self insurance plans and private exchange.

Zein Insurance Services is a full line agency with a broad scope of insurance knowledge, a seasoned staff, and licensed professionals. Our results are unbiased towards your insurance needs. Gain security and comfort working with Zein Insurance Services Inc.

Whats the difference between a Composite Rate and a Age Banded Rate?

Composite rate indicates that all members of a certain group pay the same insurance premium. This is different from an Age Banded Rate, because rates will be different for every age 21 to 65. Spouses and children will have their own rates, and the total family rate includes the combined rates of individual, spouses, and children all together.

According to the California Department of Insurance and the Department of labor, millions of people in the state of California are without health insurance. The problem however, is many Californians do not qualify for the health care subsidy or Medi-Cal, and they do not have access to an affordable employer sponsored group health plan.

Real – World Examples

Average Large Employer Contribution – Age Banded Rate

  • $6,000 Annually

Average Large Employer Contribution – Composite Rate

  • $4,500 Annually

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Composite rates made available to your business through Zein Insurance Services

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Zein Insurance Services Inc, has a unique network that specializes in large group insurance rates, which is an exclusive captive program through our firm only. Under ACA rules, companies under 101 employees lost their composite rating. With Zein Insurance, 25+ employee participation can receive a composite rate. Utilizing multiplan.com network, which has over 900,000 physicians nationwide. On average, an employer will save 25 to 33 percent with these composite rates and achieve better coverage. This means that your business does not have to be subjected to age banded rates like most business over 50+. We offer unbiased advice, unmatched value added services, and online on boarding HR Software that’s a benefit to any business.

Find solutions and learn how to maintain your businesses success by getting a quote today with Zein Insurance Services, Inc.

We Insure You One Step Better and One Step Closer to Success

Zein Insurance Services Inc, has an exclusive top-rated national PPO network. Under ACA rules companies under 101 employees lost their composite rating. With Zein Insurance Services, 25+ employee participation can receive a composite rate. Utilizing multiplan.com network with over 900,000 physicians national wide. On average an employer will save 25 to 33 percent with these composite rates and achieve better coverage.

We pride ourselves on continuously retaining 97% of our clientele year after year. We believe this to be due to our passion for protecting the things which are most precious to our clients. Our strategy is to maintain at all times a high level of service for our clients, keep them educated and informed of their insurance needs. Offering value added services, such as top HRM software’s, that any business can benefit.

Are you aware that ZIS offers a full line HR portal and software services for your first enrollment year?

If you want to be successful adding value to your business is important. We know HR. We live and breathe it every day so we know the type of training HR professionals look for to mitigate risk, protect employees, and stay compliant. Zein Insurance Services works with your business in handling a growing list of compliance-related issues. Such as, sexual harassment and discrimination, workplace safety, OSHA requirements, ethics, and diversity at work.

At Zein Insurance we have researched powerful HRM and CSR that are a value to our clients. Would you like to learn more about our services and easing the stress of your HR department? Give us a call at 818 887-8787 or fill out a quote.

$100,000 Dollar HRM Software

At Zein Insurance we offer our clients HRM software valued over 100-thousand-dollars for their first enrollment year.

Access and Receive Certificates 24/7

With Zein Insurance Services, you can access/retrieve certificates, commissions, task, carrier download, reports, invoices, and more.

Easy Human Resource Management

We offer an intuitive on-boarding and off-boarding, HRIS database, time-off tracking, employee self-services, benefits administration and more.

Quick and Easy HR Web Portal

At Zein Insurance, we provide access to an easy-to-use intranet portal that delivers companies over 50 useful features.