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Zein Insurance, Certificates, Nowcerts

Dashboard View

Beautifully designed and easy to use modules displaying your common tasks and projects, your appointments, the pending cancellations or the accounts coming up for renewal.

You can quickly see your agents’ performance in terms of sales and commissions, monitor carrier downloads and recent endorsements, and follow up on your prospects. All displayed elegantly on your Dashboard.

Self Serve Certificates

You don’t have to do it all. Your customers will love the ability to issue their own certificates. It is so easy for them and takes such a big load off your shoulders. Enroll your customers in NowCerts.


Commissions tracking is crucial to your success. We have built a comprehensive system for tracking agency and agent commissions, agency fees, carrier fees or even interest rates on payment plans.

Task Manager

Create a project, assign tasks to agents or CSRs, track their progress, create reports on their performance, are all available at your fingertips under our amazing project manager module.

Carrier Downloads

NowCerts offers automated updates of your policy information from carrier databases. Stay on top of the insurance market through real-time, automated data exchange with insurance carriers.


Important events are automatically placed in your calendar. Reminders for events such as the birthdays of your insureds are scheduled automatically.

You will not forget to call that big commercial client on her birthday. We will remind you via e-mail and by placing notifications on your Dashboard.

Zein Insurance, Certificates, Nowcerts

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